New De Luxe Silver White Rum launched to appeal to the young market in Canada

De Luxe Silver Rum

This special El Dorado 6 Year Old White Rum is aimed at raising the profile of White Rum with its contemporary image and as a more flavourful alternative to top-of-the-range vodkas.

Created from a blend of rums aged for at least 6 years in oak casks and then double- filtered using the finest natural charcoal, it possesses a complex soft finish with a mellow smoothness.

Tasting notes:

Soft and faintly sweet mouthfeel with traces of creaminess and butter toffee. Distinctly smooth with a light to mildly flavoured body with a complex soft finish.

Its premium character is enhanced by the special presentation, with a bottle combining elegance with masculine strength. The promise of quality is immediately conveyed by the tall, handsomely proportioned bottle with its frosted finish and a clear flag-shaped window displaying the strikingly magnified El Dorado ship in blue and white.

These features, unique in the premium rum market, attract instant attention and makes it an ideal gift for the rum connoisseur.